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What do we offer?


Virtual teams can work from anywhere, but are managed centrally, to deliver optimal business flexibility for clients. Eliminating geographic boundaries leads to:​

  • ​A more expansive talent pool without location-based limitations​
  • Increased business agility and resilience to prevent future business disruptions​
  • The flexibility to easily scale up or down to address changing customer needs and seasonal volume changes


You can choose to outsource your services to our sites that are based in your country, with the benefit of working with local staff. That means there is no language barrier or cultural differences to handle.

  • Operations are close
  • Same regulations
  • Same language and time zone


Our teams in neighboring countries, rather than in your country, can serve you as well. Geographic proximity means that travel and communications are easier and less expensive.

  • Geographic proximity
  • Easier communications
  • Cultural proximity


If you want to implement cost-effective operations outside your country, outsourcing your services to one of our premier offshore locations is a good option.

  • Low labor cost
  • Highly skilled workers who offer quality services
  • Technology-supported communication
We promote a global model that features virtual, domestic, and international solutions.

Supply chain disruption does not just apply to manufacturing or consumer goods. It also applies to service centers. To remain agile and resilient, companies must also establish contingencies for their human resources.​

​Unlike goods, knowledge services can be delivered from anywhere.​

With a presence in over 80 countries, 40 years of innovation, and extensive work-at-home experience, Teleperformance offers the most substantial footprint and solution set in the industry.​

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